Welcome to BoneKit's Basic Tournament

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Welcome to BoneKit's Basic Tournament

Post  BoneD on Wed Oct 21, 2009 2:17 pm

Hey ho everybody,

WongKit and me want to open a big tournament. We will play basic mode 2on2 and everybody is welcome. To enjoy the tournament, you have to register in our board => www.tinyurl.com/fantatennis and follow the registration introductions. You can register for this event until the 4th of November 2009.

More information, rules and everything else can be found here.

Your opponents will be chosen randomly, so everyone get the same chances! BKBT is a basic tournament, but battle player are welcome too, we invite everyone to join Smile

What's such an event without prices? NOTHING! So here is what you get if you win:

First place:
One gacha coin for each teammember

Second place:
Dragon gacha coins for each teammember

Third place:
50.000 Gold for each team member

If you want to contact us:
BoneD (MSN): boned [ at] hotmail .de
WongKit (Forum): http://equality.forummotion.com/msg.forum?mode=post&u=2

Good luck and have fun!

P.S. Please only take part in this tournament if you are sure, that you can play actively. WongKit and me will organize it in our free time without being paid by alaplaya (!), trying to get some fun in the FT community. We don't need inactive contestans who only makes it hard for us to manage all the teams. We need at least 16 teams who are willing to play at BKBT, otherwise the tournament won't start!

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